January 1, 2022. A start of a fresh year to go and explore. Probably just more of the same activity for me. My fun comes from my creative hobbies.

Mid year I should have a new 3D printer toy to explore. The Tiertime Cetus2, a dual filament single nozzle FDM.

Until then I have plenty of other toys around here, with which to play. 

My Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) is progressing and my walking is getting harder. So, most of my creative work is done sitting and on the computer using Computer Assisted Design (CAD). Then using various Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines like 3D printers, machine tool milling machines, and overhead routers.

My existence is almost all, about working with computer systems.

Amateur Radio

I am considering getting amateur radio station (W5EHS) back on the air. All my equipment was totaled in a direct lightning strike. It event also wiped out all the non radio computers and electronics in the house. 

That’s the reason I have delayed in getting the station back in operation.. It definitely will not be co-located with any of of my other electronics. I learned my lesson. 

I haven’t picked the perfect location, but am considering my options. Radio systems that connect to antennae must be isolated from all other non-associated (to radio operation) electronics and electrical systems. 

Enough on that subject for now…


My two (boy and girl) twins turn age 50 in less than two weeks. That’s wonderful but very disturbing how fast time passes as one ages. I 3D printed them some electric birthday candles. Just because I can. The candles are the lead picture.

The hardest part of any of my creative design projects is not the designing but deciding WHAT to design. I don’t want to make JUNQUE, but I do.

Spouse (for 53 years and counting) Gloria has creative hobbies too. Not the same as mine. Hers are quilting and piano music. She has a group of students she teaches when she is not quilting. 

Truth is 2022 will be much like 2021 for both of us and that is not a bad thing. It indicates we are still doing what we like. At this point, it’s what life is all about.

OK 2022… Bring it on!