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Oh-No! More NUC

The Logitech Unifying USB module (dongle) may be the culprit in my NUC freeze up problems. I have moved the tiny module away from the computer and the through-the-case USB ports using a USB extension cable. I have done this with both of my NUC computers.

I do not know the actual cause of issues within the Logitech module. Internet speculations suggest it may be some harmonic problem with the new higher speed USB3 ports now in common use on most all PC’s. Logitech Unifying Transceivers were designed when USB2 was standard.  But this suggestion is speculation.

What happens and is most important, is if moving the modules away from the computer, the freezes stop. Putting the USB module out on an extension cable has always been a recommendation from Logitech if there are mouse and/or keyboard communication issues with the dongle.

For some folks simply using a different USB port fixes the problem without the extension.

The NUC is a very small and compact computer. All internal components are very close to each other. There is a large variety of radio frequency signals concentrated within and around that tiny package. As a 50 year plus experienced amateur radio builder and operator, I am amazed by how well all these computer radio frequencies co-exist with each other.

What has been difficult for me is determining if it is a mouse/keyboard issue. It acts and looks like a lot of other problems. I could go back to using a wired mouse and keyboard. If the problem ceases, the high probability it is the wireless connection.

Most long-time users know the Logitech wireless systems have been reliable. They are not on the top of the list of “usual suspects”. Maybe it’s time to move them higher in the list. I have to ponder, “Can it really be that simple to fix?”

UPDATE: 12/27/2020

I didn’t want to write another post on this subject. I will update this one.

I think the “smoking gun” has been discovered in the hands of WIN10 OS and therefor Microsoft. I find it strange Logitech is not aware. The picture makes it very obvious.

The logitech USB Unifying Receiver is a crucial link for their wireless (not Bluetooth) mice and keyboards to communicate to the personal computer. IT SHOULD NEVER BE TURNED OFF!

Apparently WIN10 does not know what the device does. Note the DEFAULT power management setting in the picture…

Logitech USB Input Device

<Check-Mark> Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

This is almost beyond belief. Turning this receiver off exactly matches the freeze-up conditions observed.

I have removed the check-mark. After a suitable time I will report if the computer freeze problem has been resolved.



3 comments to Oh-No! More NUC

  • Dan

    Time for a 30 day NUC posting moratorium. IF… no crashes, the issue is resolved

  • Daniel Kautz

    Lockups have stopped since setting windows default to never remove power from Logitech USB receiver.

  • Daniel Kautz

    Hopefully, problem has been solved. Win10 random lockups have ceased. Cause in my opinion was the Logitech receiver power down. I can still lock up the WIN10 OS or perhaps an Intel NUC issue when using Autodesk Fusion360 CAD. So that seems to be more of a Autodesk (Fusion360) issue, not like the random lock-ups.