The Primitive Mind

Suppose there never was a weak primitive mind that is a direct link to present humans. There are so many unqualified people who practice (preach) bad science or create it, there is no real truth, only assumptive thinking. I’m included in that group, so let me preach.

What if some humans, 5,000 years ago had the same minds we have today? What if a few had minds that were actually stronger and “better” than today? I am talking about mind power or ability to reason and think how to make or build things. What if we have slowly become weaker at that function than “primitive” man because of our interruption with natural selection and the evolution improvement process? We are the only species who maintain the survival of all and interbreed with our weak. We even preserve and release our criminals. And all that is a fairly recent trend.

It could be that we vainly believe we are inherently “smarter” than early man because we are “civilized” have developed more abilities and wonderful “stuff”. What if that is intensely false?  We have folks today that think aliens from space are more likely to have built the pyramids than the Egyptians who weren’t “smart” enough 4,500 years ago to do so. Some pundits say we are not smart enough today. That is a huge clue of the point I am making.

Today, our minds (in general) may actually be more primitive than earlier humans. Some of us get glimpses of that “sixth sense” that may well have been fully exploited by our ancestors. What if we are now “over the hump” of our brain development and capacity? I have long heard the assumption that present humans use only a fraction of our brain’s capacity. What if this is not room for expansion but rather powers lost. Abandoned spaces left over from previous tenants? Something like our vestigial tail, reduced sense of smell and other unused human parts and abilities.

What if early man could memorize 100 times better that we do today? How about 200 times? They didn’t write things down because they didn’t have to. They kept everything in their head. “Photographic recall” was common. Perhaps they memorized every movement in the sky because that is what they could see. They took measurements and made markings in their head. Their eventual “writings” became word pictures for spoken words, so is Chinese and Japanese text. Glyphs are not primitive, they are beautiful. Our modern “Roman Alphabet” used here is an ugly invention by comparison but requires less visual brain retention and works “faster”. We try to spice it up with variations in font. We all start to read these words as pictures, not the letters. Believe it or not.

Do we study primitive tribes of today in belief that this is the way all humans lived 10,000 years ago. I ask why? Is it because they don’t read or write? What if these people are the genetic failure spin offs and remains from the more powerful “civilized” minds of long ago?

It is more likely that all civilizations are doomed by their interdependent nature. Cut off all electrical power in this world today and what (who) would survive? Some say cockroaches and primitive tribes.

We have seen the ruins of advanced (and lost) civilizations; Aztecs and Mayan. Who is left, the “native” Indians in the jungle?  So maybe that is not the starting place of humanity but rather the safe ending. The ones with the most survival skills. The cycle begins again.

Maybe there has always been a select few with extra abilities and there always will be. Maybe there were more human skills in the past than we think . Who knows or cares? I just don’t think ancient humans had inferior brain power or abilities.

I’m no expert. I made this all up. But isn’t it fun to think?