The Cat’s Away

Good news is that Gloria is away this weekend with her favorite hobby, quilting. One of those deals where all the women (no men!?) get together on a retreat weekend and do their cloth cutting and sewing thing.

It’s her first big outing since the breast cancer was discovered. That event suddenly stopped our lives (especially hers) for like eight months. Wow! has it been that long? Her Chemotherapy has left her with aftershocks (recovery aches, pains and swelling) and her hair is still not growing, but she is getting back to being a road warrior again. That’s a great sign.

Although all the physical repair work is not done, she is looking good. So now is the time for her to enjoy life once again. She has a different outlook about the rest of her earthly time. Already planned is another big quilting trip for July. More power to her.

Life is short. Make it the journey of a lifetime.